Welcome to Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church

Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church is a Christ centered/family integrated church. Our families sit together, pray together, sing acappella together and listen to the Word of God together. We believe strongly in expository preaching, Biblical evangelism and godly living.

At the Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church, whether it's Jesus Christ and Him crucified or the glories of God's Sovereignty, our passion is preaching the Word of God. We invite you to join us this Lord's day as we worship and fellowship with Christ.


Services each Sunday

Morning Worship - 10:30 AM


From Bro. Sergey Maksimov in Kursk, Russia

Dear Christian Friends, 

 At the present time, I am doing well. October was a difficult month for me. I was sick a lot; had a cold, had a backache and had problems with my eyes. But God is very kind and now I feel better. I plan to make a preaching trip to Ukraine the second Sunday of November. Pray that God would bless me to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ there.


From Pastor Vladimir, Markova Primitive Baptist Church

Hello dear my Brother Herb,

Our Primitive Baptist church in Markova greetings our beloved saints in Christ in America.

Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

We ask you to pray about two young men who are going to attend our church. They are the former addicts. One of them went out of prison last month. His name is Zhenya.  The name of another young man is Dima. He is an adopted son of our sister in Christ. Her name is Sveta. Please pray for them.

Now we cover the walls of the second floor of our House of prayer with a siding. We saved up during long time money for material and expenses for the worker. But we have only enough money to make two walls. we hope for the Grace of God for the rest.

Please pray for us. With love in Jesus,

Brother Vladimir.


From Brother Vil, pastor of the church in Nezhneudinsk

Greetings from Siberia!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            A few words about the Baptist Church in Tulun. I have known this congregation for many years. More than 1 year ago, the pastor of this church resigned and moved elsewhere. I have been asked to preach at the church when I can. The church is located some 125 kilometers from Nizhneudinsk. Since I have no car, I have to take a bus down there, which go there rather infrequently. It is kind of a long ride too. For this reason I cannot visit them more often then once a month.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve the saints in Tulun.

            My daughter Nadia has entered a Music College in Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk is a big city, but there is no Primitive Baptist Church there. Nadia attends one Baptist church there, but the church bears little semblance to the PB worship. Incidentally, the pastor of that church is an American. Please also pray for Nadia's conversion. My son Timothy is still in school. Pray for his conversion too.

            My brother Yuri is currently living in the meeting house. He does most of the chores in the church, which is a great relief for me. He attends meetings, reads the Bible, prays. Pray that the Lord grant him repentance unto life.

            Winter has already begun in our parts, we have had the first snow. Along with the first snow various old sores sprang back to life. Joints feel sore.  My old kidney trouble has also revived. Please be praying for me.

            One last thing: we would like to put a toilet in the church building, if God permits. Pleray for this need as well.

I would love to have you visit us in Siberia! Greetings to all the saints,

Brother Vil.


From Pastor Sergey Litavrin, the Angarsk Primitive Baptist Church

Dear Fellow saints,

You are welcomed by the Church in the city of Angarsk!

We are happy to share with you, dear brothers and sisters, the news of our Christian community!

Service news:

The Lord Jesus keeps and maintains his Church, and services are regular and regular. All members are encouraged to bring the gospel to the sinful world. We believe and hope that among the people around us there are still those who are destined to respond to the Gospel Message and join our community. All the will of God.

Last Sunday (October 28), the church heard a sermon on Galatians 3:1-5. How is a person saved? Deeds of the law or through instruction in the faith? Can one believe in opposite things at the same time? It is impossible to be saved by the deeds of the law, rites and good deeds, but only by grace!

Construction news:

We inform you that at the present time,  we have completed the construction of external water supply and sewer connections for our new house of prayer. This means that the end of construction and the opening of a new house has become even closer. Advancement in this world would be impossible without the active, effective support of our friends in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord for this!

You are always in our prayers. We also ask you to pray for us!

The Angarsk Primitive Baptist Church sends warm greetings to all the saints of God scattered throughout the face of the earth! God bless you in everything!

Bro. Sergey



If you would like to help these saints in Siberia, you may send a check to the Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church, P. O. Box 323, Aberdeen, MS 39730.  Mark it for the Siberian Saints.