From Pastor Sergey Litavrin, the Angarsk Primitive Baptist Church


Dear Bro. Herb!

You are welcomed by the Church in the city of Angarsk!

We are happy to share with you, dear brothers and sisters, the news of our Christian community!

Service news:

The Lord Jesus keeps and maintains his Church, and services are regular and regular. All members are encouraged to bring the gospel to the sinful world. We believe and hope that among the people around us there are still those who are destined to respond to the Gospel Message and join our community. All the will of God.

Last Sunday (October 28), the church heard a sermon on Galatians 3:1-5. How is a person saved? Deeds of the law or through instruction in the faith? Can one believe in opposite things at the same time? It is impossible to be saved by the deeds of the law, rites and good deeds, but only by grace!

Construction news:

We inform you that by the current moment we have completed the construction of external water supply and sewer communications of our new, being built house of prayer. And this means that the end of construction and the opening of a new house has become even closer. Advancement in this world would be impossible without the active, effective support of our friends in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord for this!

You are always in our prayers. We also ask you to pray for us!

The Angarsk Primitive Baptist Church sends warm greetings to all the saints of God scattered throughout the face of the earth! God bless you in everything!


Bro. Sergey