Welcome to Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church

Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church is a Christ centered/family integrated church. Our families sit together, pray together, sing acappella together and listen to the Word of God together. We believe strongly in expository preaching, Biblical evangelism and godly living.

At the Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church, whether it's Jesus Christ and Him crucified or the glories of God's Sovereignty, our passion is preaching the Word of God. We invite you to join us this Lord's day as we worship and fellowship with Christ.


Services each Sunday

Morning Worship - 10:30 AM

Welcome to the Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church website. We hope you will become a regular visitor to our website.

The Mayhew PB Church is the relocated Aberdeen Primitive Baptist Church. While we have changed our location, our doctrine and practices remain the same. The Aberdeen PB Church was very active in foreign evangelism, helping to establish churches in India and Russia. The Mayhew PB Church plans to continue this effort as the Lord enables us.

To help our readers stay abreast of the Primitive Baptist work in India and Russia, we have added a Russian and an Indian blog to our websites. It is our plan to post news, articles and pictures from those churches regularly. It is our prayer that the Lord will be pleased to use this website as a means of exalting Jesus Christ, His kingdom and the encouragement of His people.

Pastor Herb